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0 - Nadeer Group Compliance Catalog
This collection of training includes SB0-102, 106, and 107 courses (Action Leasing, Work Safe - Heaven Can Wait, and Harassment Awareness and Prevention, respectively). Remember to use the provided voucher for your discounted price!
Nadeer Group 198.00 Purchase
1 -Professional Skills Catalog - 1 Year Subscription
The Professional Skills Catalog is designed for onsite and entry-level employees who will benefit from the fundamental principles of business and compliance components specific to Residential Property Management. This custom catalog of micro-learning courses includes over 160 courses covering foundational business topics.
199.00 Purchase
2 -Supervisory Skills Catalog - 1 Year Subscription
The Supervisory Skills Catalog is perfect for managerial or supervisory level employees in professional property management operations: Maintenance Supervisors, Leasing Managers, Assistant Property Managers, Property Managers and Corporate Department Managers. Supervisory Skills includes all Professional Skills courses plus an additional 117 micro-learning courses for a total of over almost 300 courses which cover more advanced Supervisory topics.
249.00 Purchase
3 -Leadership Skills Catalog - 1 Year Subscription
The Leadership Skills Catalog is filled with a curriculum that is curated for those in senior leadership positions in professional property management operations: Area Managers, Regional Managers, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Directors and C-Suite Leaders. Leadership Skills includes all Professional Skills and Supervisory Skills courses plus an additional 106 micro-learning Leadership topics for a total of almost 500 courses.
299.00 Purchase
Action Leasing - Lease Better, Faster, Higher, Further

Action Leasing is designed to engage the new Leasing Consultant and inspire the skilled Specialist who wants extra tips towards up-up-and-away Superhero Leasing status. This class will provide you tools to propel your leasing presentation into high gear. Learn “action and adventure” leasing techniques to transform yourself into a SuperLeaser.

59.00 Purchase
Finance Basics
This is a course by Rich George, the NOI Coach, that will cover basic financial concepts in the multifamily industry. It will illustrate how to read a financial statement, the importance of NOI, and how to manage for value.
99.00 Purchase
Focused on Fair Housing

This is a basic fair housing course designed for new employees, new industry professionals, or industry professionals needing their annual fair housing refresher course. This course was created by Leah Brewer, the Leasing Queen and Rich George, the NOI Coach.

69.00 Purchase
Harassment Awareness and Prevention in the Workplace

Workplace harassment, hostile environment and bullying are serious threats to a successful team, employee retention and satisfaction. Are you committed to creating a workplace environment that is free of bias, prejudice and harassment – an environment that supports, nurtures and rewards career advancement on the basis of ability and performance?

69.00 Purchase
Multiculture in Multifamily
This is the first in a series dedicated to educating multifamily professionals on how to better sell, serve and retain multicultural employees, prospects and residents.
69.00 Purchase
PRECISE Customer Service has partnered with Leah Brewer, the Leasing Queen and Rich George, the NOI Coach to produce this customer service training that puts a unique spin on Customer Service through scenario based training. You will learn the 4 tools and 7 attributes that make up good customer service.
69.00 Purchase
Work Safe - Heaven Can Wait

This is a General Safety program co-produced with Mark Cukro and In this program participants will experience general safety as it relates to the multifamily industry.

69.00 Purchase
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